Buddy McDaniel
Malaya Dmitrovka, 20


OPEN 24/7

Breakfast and lunch at Buddy McDaniel

Every weekday
Breakfast from 6 am to 11 am
Lunches from 11 to 16

You will always find a good offer for yourself
Football, hockey, basketball, golf, etc.

Our chefs create real masterpieces on every plate.
Their dishes will surprise you with their combination of flavors.

Our bar menu will delight you both with strong drinks and a selection of beers.
We have collected the most interesting beers from all over the world.

Discover new tastes, immerse yourself in the world of beer traditions from different countries.

McDaniel Group opens a new pub Buddy McDaniel on Malaya Dmitrovka, 20.

Buddy McDaniel is a unique place that will captivate even the most sophisticated connoisseur.

The original interior of Buddy McDaniel was created

with special care for every detail.

It combines modern trends and traditional elements of Irish pub,

which creates a unique atmosphere.



Moscow, st. Malaya Dmitrovka, 20